Focus on work rather than on hearing


Roger Table Mic is a microphone for working adults with a hearing loss who participate in small and large meetings. The microphone is easily connected to the receiver with a simple touch of a button and when placed on a table, wirelessly transmits speech directly to a hearing aid.

For larger meetings, several Roger Table Mic can be connected and used simultaneously. Roger Table Mic provides an outstanding operating time of 20 hours and is equipped with a remote control for added convenience.

Focus on work rather than on hearing

Roger Table Mic är trådlösa mikrofoner som är speciellt utformade för möten. Möten är ofta krävande för personer med hörselnedsättning. Svårigheterna kan bero på samtal vid sidan om, andra störande bakgrundsljud eller avståndet mellan dig och en person vid bordets andra ände.

I dessa situationer är Roger Table Mic perfekta. De är diskret utformade och smälter in med annat som ligger på bordet. Lägg dem bara på mötesbordet så att talet från mötesdeltagarna urskiljs och störande bakgrundsljud dämpas. Talet överförs trådlöst och tydligt till Roger-mottagarna.

Communicate, participate and contribute


Roger Table Mic is very easy to use. Connecting the receiver to the microphone is done by the simple push of a button. Just put the microphone on the table.



The modern workplace can be a challenging listening environment – especially meetings. It´s a place where successful communication is key in order to succeed.


When affected by hearing loss, you become master of finding ways around difficult hearing situations. By simply placing Roger Table Mic on the meeting table you can fully participate.


Connecting several Roger microphones to your hearing aids, in a MultiTalker network, a solution that boosts your performance and makes it easier for you to contribute at work

Small meeting

Meetings with four or five people become overwhelming for hearing aids. Simply place one Roger Table Mic on the meeting table and you will hear your colleagues better.

Large meeting

If you are participating in a large meeting you might need more than one Roger Table Mic. You can use as many table microphones as necessary, because they form a system and transmit speech to your hearing aids from wherever the conversation takes place.

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