You need more than a hearing aid

When you need more than a hearing aid

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Solutions to help individuals with hearing loss thrive in the workplace and college

Modern hearing aids or cochlear implants do a great job of improving hearing and understanding in the near field, but in the far field, further than 4.5 feet away, an extra boost is needed, especially when there is background noise.

Our advanced wireless microphones and receivers bridge the understanding gap by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the listener and allow people with hearing loss to fully participate and excel at work and in college.

By using the Phonak Roger FM System, you’ll be able to perfectly tailor your listening experience to any situation you may face. At college and in the workplace there are a wide variety of situations people encounter on a day to day basis. College students navigate group classes, club meetings, assemblies, and meals in noisy cafeterias. Those in the workplace need to participate during staff meetings, business presentation, performance reviews, and casual conversation during staff lunches and gatherings. As enjoyable as these activities may be, for those with hearing loss, events like these can quickly go from pleasant to downright frustrating.

The Roger Phonak FM System is ideal to help those with hearing loss bridge the gap between what their hearing aids can – and cannot – do for them. With hearing aids, loud environments, speakers at a distance, and background noise all cause speech to be distorted, disrupted, or lost all together. The Phonak Roger System works to eliminate the background noise, focus in on a speaker, and boost the speech level straight to the hearing aid wearer. When speech is heard more clearly, the listener can then concentrate on the topic and contribute to discussions, rather than strain to make sure they’re hearing correctly.

Hearing aids have come a long way in their ability to pick up on sounds but they could still use the extra boost that comes with a Phonak FM receiver. In fact, the Phonak FM System may be the key in many situations that provides full inclusion during classroom presentations, workplace meetings, and group gatherings. Rather than struggling and straining to hear what is said, these devices give the wearer clarity of understanding, improve the conversation level in real time, and enable them to confidently take part. A sound amplifier for students and coworkers may be just what is needed to ensure full and enthusiastic participation during classes and meetings.

No one should have to wonder what is being said or hesitate when called upon. For more complex listening situations, a Roger Touchscreen will help provide clarity of speech and instant transcription. This dynamic technology works with any hearing aid or cochlear implant with a T-coil.

The FM system can even benefit those who don’t wear hearing aids but could use an extra boost in their listening ability. Amplification devices are dynamic, flexible, and adaptable to nearly any environment, enabling listeners in college or the workplace the ability to contribute no matter the situation.

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